Automatic Wallpaper Changer


Random Wallpapers
CLARO takes random images from gallery and set it to wallpaper.
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The idea of switching between wallpapers is quite simple on its face. You just need CLARO Random Wallpaper, it can put up wallpaper from a folder full of images. Easy, right?

Yes, it is, CLARO gives certain level of control over what is shown, It gives a wide range of options that provide significant control over when the wallpaper is changed, and what it is changed to.

Its very easy to automate wallpaper changes using CLARO : Random Wallpaper from gallery
✔ Create multiple folders with set of images from gallery,
✔ Choose days and time to set the random wallpapers from folder,
✔ Set interval time, how often you want to change the wallpaper.
all done !!

More Options
✔ Choose Color Filters for wallpapers: Sepia, Grayscale, Blur, Random
✔ Schedule wallpaper changes as per your need: Select Days, Time Range, Interval
✔ Choose Image Order: Random or sequence
✔ Complete control over Notification alerts: Enable/Disable Notification, notification tone, vibrate, Phone wakeup
✔ Wallpaper Picker: Auto apply wallpaper changes or enable Wallpaper picker on schedule time.
✔ Dark Theme: Material Design with Dark/Light Themes.

CLARO is not a Live Wallpaper, its App without any background services and hence its very battery friendly.

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