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TUFFS Notification Shortcuts app makes launching a breeze, doesn’t need root

Get Access to Apps and Services from Notification Panel using TUFFS Notification Shortcuts

TUFFS Notification Shortcuts is a new app that lets you add custom shortcuts to the notification area, but unlike similar apps, it doesn’t need a background service and won’t take up space in the status bar or on the lock screen.

TUFFS Notification Shortcuts

There is no shortage of interface tools that let us launch our favorite apps quicker, apart from the simple folder stuffed with icons on the homescreen. TUFFS Notification Shortcuts is a relative newcomers to this scene, letting you place application or Android system and settings shortcuts directly in the notification bar, so you can save the space for a full-screen widget or whatnot.

Besides apps and system settings launch icons, you can also add shortcuts for a direct call or message to a contact, a bookmark, and so on. The advantage of TUFFS before other such solutions is that it runs no background services, as a a lot of others do, displays no ads, and doesn’t induce wakelocks all the time for needing data access, thus staying gentle on the battery.

Moreover, it is well-designed in the spirit of Google’s Material requirements, and allows you to customize every nook and cranny of the icons’ appearance in the notification bar. Check it out from the source link below:

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